It's not about forcing you to look or act a certain way to get "the shot." It's about taking you as you are and reflecting your unique beauty back in a photograph.

This is what a timeless photograph means to me.

And I’d consider myself lucky if I get to take a timeless photo of you.

Meet people as they are, right at this moment.


This led to me going on hikes, not for exercise but to experience the grandness of nature. I loved taking photos of small people in grand landscapes.

Soon, I gained the confidence to post my adventures on Instagram.

I've always loved taking photos. My friends and I would dress up in nice clothes and go on photo walks in forests and parks.

I should’ve known my love for taking photos would do the same (but better).

help people by going to med school. 

I thought I could best

2024 - My photography skills definitely grew with this family!

Their wedding (love the forest theme!)

Their engagement photo in 2017

I honestly didn't know what I was doing but I guess they loved the photos because I photographed both of the bride's sisters' weddings!

In 2017, after shooting for my friend’s engagement, they asked me to take photos for their wedding…and family photos (to this day!).

My first wedding client? My cousin. (She paid me $100.) Looking back, I cringe at the photos but I’m so grateful she trusted me with them! After this, I felt inspired to take my art further.

People began to ask if I could take wedding photos.

And then the unexpected happened:

Me & my husband/co-explorer, AJ

Within three years, I created a website and made it official!

Since then, life has looked a little different—I got married (!!!!), among other things—but my love of capturing life's moments stayed the same.

And I booked more weddings and engagements.

It snowballed—That family recommended me to people they knew

It just feels so right that I get to meet people (and new friends) through taking photos.

And I get to give all the glory back to Jesus whenever I get to photograph Catholic weddings and tell the story of how He worked in the couple's lives to bring them where they are today. 

Now I understand why med school didn't happen.

Nothing warms my heart more than when individuals see/realize their beauty from the photos I've taken or feel a rush of emotions from looking at their galleries. 

I hope that from our interactions, you see me as a friend and not just another vendor.

Wherever life takes you.

something you can take with you…..

in each session, I hope to present your core memories as

You spend months planning the biggest night of your lives…but it flashes by in an instant. 

Take a snapshot of your wedding day and flip back to it in the years to come.

This season in your relationship will never come by again. 

Capture the quirks and the conversations between you and the one you love—right here, right now.


This is your space to slow down and look at the beautiful life you’ve built.

Breathe it in and capture it on camera—whether you’re about to welcome your 7-week-old son or surprise your mom for her 60th birthday.

Documenting humans at all stages of life.

Bride and groom are holding hands, looking out into mountains and ocean in Hawaii

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I first met Renz and Russelle when Renz hired me to document their proposal. They reached out a few months later to travel to Hawaii for their wedding and of course I said yes! After months of planning, 40 of their closest family and friends travelled to O’ahu Hawaii to celebrate this big day. The […]

Destination Wedding at Kualoa Ranch

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