Whether you want to remind someone how much you love them right at this moment or you’re preparing to ask them to spend the rest of their life with you…

Document your love as it is today.

Because your love is worth it.

Celebrate milestones & random tuesdays

intimate couples & engagement photography in vancouver & beyond

Honor this season of your relationship—the joys, the successes, and the struggles you both faced and conquered together. 

But don't you want to look back on how your love grew—from the first few dates to the last few years before forever?

You know you’ve found something special.

And chances are, it’s so unique that it’s only between the two of you.

how you’ll love each other years from now.


But pictures save hundreds of tiny details that add up to your love as it is today.

Because no words can ever express how much you love each other...

Because no words can ever express how much you love each other.

But pictures save hundreds of tiny details that add up to your love as it is today.

just how much your partner loves you (and vice versa).

I'm All About capturing the little details that show

*Couples photography sessions typically start at $475.

After the call, you can decide whether you’d like to go ahead and book a couples photography session. If you do, you’ll receive a contract and an invoice. A 25% non-refundable deposit upon contract signing to reserve your date in my calendar.

Pay & Sign


If it seems like a good fit, you’ll receive a pricing guide and an invitation to schedule a time to video call to get to know your dynamic with your loved one.



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“We had a great experience with Colleen from the start of the session to the very end.”

"Initially, we were nervous...[T]his was our first time doing an actual couples photoshoot together. We felt well supported and absolutely loved the client introduction questions. It allowed us to build a deeper relationship both with each other and Colleen herself." 

- Wilfred & Danica

feeling nervous? I got you!

A man and woman are holding hands and standing on rocks overlooking an endless body of water

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Rebecca and Levi were both born and raised in Victoria. For their engagement shoot, it was only fitting that we spent the afternoon exploring their hometown.

Fall Engagement Session at Glencoe Cove

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As a benchmark, couples spend at least $490 on a photography session. If you feel that we could create something beautiful together, I’d love to hear from you. 

Let's capture the love between you and your beloved.

Wedding & family photographer based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Capturing life’s moments anywhere in the world.

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