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Whether it’s celebrating your mom’s 60th birthday or taking a snapshot of your life before being “mom and dad”, document where your family is at this moment.

Family photography FOR families who want to

Pretty “soon”, the kids are off to high school.

Mom and dad’s retirement is only a few years from now instead of decades.

But you shouldn’t have to wait years to start appreciating these precious moments now.

When “soon” taps us on the shoulder.

But more often than not, we don't realize

Let's face it - life moves faster than we’d like.

We make all these plans about what we’d do soon... 

When the kids grow up.

When we graduate and get a “real” job.

When we have “enough” to treat our loving parents.

The list goes on.

How much of the little everyday things will you actually remember?


It's about treasuring the excitement and anticipation of being an expectant mother,

 or celebrating the joys and challenges of being parents, 

or documenting the contentment found in seeing your grown children succeed in life.

My family photography sessions are about giving you the space to slow down and honor the bond you share as a family, in all its beauty and chaos.

In this current season of life.

Celebrate your family dynamic 

*Family photography sessions typically start at $475.

After the call, you can decide whether you’d like to go ahead and book a family photography session. If you do, you’ll receive a contract and an invoice. A 25% non-refundable deposit upon contract signing to reserve your date in my calendar.

Pay & Sign


If it seems like a good fit, you’ll receive a pricing guide and an invitation to schedule a time to video call to get to know your dynamic with your family.



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the process

- Kristina & Augusto

“...when Instagram only lets you choose 10 for a carousel [...] So thankful for your time, flexibility, and speed in getting [our photos] to us for a Christmas announcement 🥹"

“How dare you take so many beautiful photos...”

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family photography announcing the newest addition to their family

Mom and dad hold newborn baby in a garden

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It is an honor as a photographer is to be invited into a family’s life – whether it is a milestone or a day in their everyday lives. Even more so, a bigger honor is to be invited back. It was so beautiful to watch Zachary grow – from a baby in his mum’s womb, to a newborn, to his first birthday party.

Through the Years: The Coric Family

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As a benchmark, families spend at least $490 on a session. If you feel that we could create something beautiful together, I’d love to hear from you. 

Let's showcase the love between you and your family.

Wedding & family photographer based in beautiful Vancouver, BC. Capturing life’s moments anywhere in the world.

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